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You may have noticed our Stonefield signs positioned outside properties across South Ayrshire. We have been actively selling properties in Ayrshire for nearly 20 years, and have a wealth of experience doing so in Troon specifically.

Troon has become a popular destination for local property hunters as, along with Championship Golf courses, ideal proximity to Ayr, Glasgow and Prestwick Airport, it’s truly a charming town perfect for a day out at the beach, or a relaxing staycation with family or friends.

Stunning Selections

We have earned a stellar reputation in Troon and throughout Ayrshire as a trusted, reliable choice of estate agents who provide a consistent, excellent level of service. Over the past decade, we have always placed those who approach us for help at the forefront of everything we do. This involves developing relationships with our clients from the outset, working closely with you to deliver a service that is tailored and highly focused on your property needs. As estate agents, we have worked with countless Troon based sellers and buyers, and we know just how stressful and anxious the process can be. We work to settle your worries every step of the way and use our specialist knowledge and expertise of the Ayrshire and Scottish property market to get you the best outcome.

Seaside Vistas

Upon our visit to your Troon property, we use our deep understanding of the local market to provide you with a realistic, fair valuation. We are totally transparent with the figure and a breakdown of the reasoning behind it so that you are kept in the loop from the start. Property Presentations Based on the specific requirements of your property, we can provide you with a holistic service or one that is more focused on areas you need our help with. This can include offering ongoing advice on presenting your home’s interiors and outdoor space, to capturing a professional collection of photographs for you. We know what works and what doesn’t in presenting properties, and this is invaluable for you to take advantage of. All of this helps put you on the right footing for showcasing it to potential buyers.

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We have developed an extensive set of industry connections throughout Ayrshire and Central Scotland that allows us to effectively pair up the exact needs of buyers and sellers in the current market. It’s important to us that we get this stage right, and make the eventual pairing as efficient as possible for everyone involved. Detailed Property Viewings in Troon Once we have identified the most suitable interested buyers, Stonefield’s team will arrange official viewings and can facilitate them on your behalf. Traditionally you would just think of estate agents letting viewers ‘in the door’ to look around. But our team goes above and beyond to make sure that your viewers get an informed, guided experience, as in-depth as they desire in real time. It’s vital at this stage that our estate agent can give potential buyers a well-rounded walk through that helps set the scene of where the property sits in Troon and the local community around it that they will be joining and living in.

Our years of first-hand experience in Troon, and our authentic love for the area, makes us the ideal advocates to sell the prospect of living there. Whether the viewers are local already, or coming in from further afield, they will leave with a clear understanding of what makes your property special, as well as the stunning coastal setting around it.

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